Sump Pump Repair

If you currently have a sump pump, make sure to get a sump pump inspection annually. It’s easy to forget because it’s out of sight and out of mind. But if you schedule an annual sump pump inspection with Irish Plumber®, we’ll make sure the alarm is working (if applicable), inspect the check valve, install a backup power source (if you don’t have one already), inspect the dimensions of the pit to make sure it’s adequate for the pump to work properly, and check to make sure the discharge location is far enough from your home and neighboring properties.

Sump Pumps We Service:

- Submersible

- Pedestal or column pumps

- Battery backups

- Electronic sensor switches

- Tethered and vertical float switches

- Sump pump alarms

- Sump pump pit and discharge configurations

- Cast iron, plastic, steel

- Filters and filtration


If your sump pump isn't working or is in need of a repair, inspection, or replacement, call the sump pump experts at Irish Plumber at 630-818-1377.