Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

With all the years we've been servicing water heaters in the Chicago area, Irish Plumber® has the experienced plumbers to diagnose and fix just about every make and model of tank or tankless hot water heater.  We take pride in fixing it right, the first time!

At Irish Plumber, we believe it’s just as important to get your water heater tuned-up, since it’s a major piece of equipment in your home. After all, if you’re out of hot water, it can completely disrupt your daily routine. Once a year, we recommend having a licensed plumber come out to perform a water heater tune-up.

Most homeowners ignore their water heater unless there is a significant problem, like no hot water or noticeable leaks. If you have a system between one and five years old, you may not need to replace right away, but it is important to call a licensed plumber to get it tuned-up and inspected annually.

Water Heater Tune-up and Safety Inspection

What does a water heater tune-up entail?

First off, we check all the components to make sure they’re working properly, like checking the safety relief valve and emergency shutoff valve. We also test the water temperature to see if it’s at an optimal level—obviously it needs to be warm enough to take a hot shower—but not so warm that it could lead to safety concerns. Then we inspect the burner assembly, check filters, and test the water pressure, and power supply that’s heating the water.

If needed, we flush out the tank completely to get rid of any loose debris. We also remove and check the condition of the anode rod, which diverts corrosion away from the water heater tank walls. If the anode rod is deteriorating, then it’s time to replace it, so you don’t risk corroding your tank further.

We do all this to ensure that your water heater keeps working efficiently and to increase its life span. Water heaters that are not tuned-up each year will succumb to wear-and-tear faster and can put an added burden on your utility bills.

Need a water heater tune-up or safety inspection in Des Plaines, Wheaton, and surrounding areas? Call Irish Plumber, part of the ARS®/Rescue Rooter® Network, today!

There are certain things that a comprehensive water heater tune-up can’t fix, especially if it’s an old water heater that has succumbed to rust and corrosion. If your water heater is older than 10 years, it’s definitely time to set up a consultation from one of our licensed plumbers to replace it with a new water heater.