Water Softeners

Often thought to be normal household issues, bathtub rings, tile scum, spots on dishes, and damage to dishwashers are a few symptoms of hard water. If you have hard water flowing in through your pipes, they are more likely to clog and not work properly. Set up a consultation with one of our professionals at Irish Plumber®, part of the ARS®/Rescue Rooter® Network, and they can explain the benefits of installing a water softener system in your home.

For more information on how water softeners work, click here. When you have a water softener installed in your home, you will notice a difference in how your appliances work, how much cleaner your clothes are after they get washed, enhanced flavor of food, and you’ll notice less spots on dishes after a cycle in the dishwasher.

When we test the water in your home, we’ll be able to gauge how hard or soft your water is using a hardness scale.

  • Slightly Hard (1-3.5 gpg)
  • Moderately Hard (3.5-7 gpg)
  • Hard (7-10 gpg)
  • Very Hard (10+gpg)

Contact us to set up a consultation so we can go over some options for the best water filtration system for you home. If you already have a water softener installed in your home and have any problems, give us a call and one of our plumbers can quickly resolve any problems you are having with it.